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Belgium – Home of Eddy Merckx

| March 22, 2016 10:37 am

Belgium – Home of Eddy Merckx

My thought goes out to the victims in Brussels and with the people of Belgium in this difficult time.

“Belgium-the strong and resilient heart of cycling. It has persevered through much. This will be no different #encoulerputaindemerdeterroists” tweeted Jonathan Vaughters

Etixx – Quick-Step will fly a black flag on their team cars and their riders will wear black arm bands.

Despite fear of more attacks, race organizers of Wednesday’s Dwars door Vlaanderen and Friday’s E3 Harelbeke in Belgium tentatively decided to stage the races as planned. I applaud them.

It is tempting to just say “OK, I will stay home and be safe.” That is exactly what the terrorists want us to believe — to disrupt our way of life.

After the 9/11 attack, New York Mayor Guilliani said: “We need you to come to New York and visit and spend money.” It was blunt and honest. To not continue to be a tourist because of the bombing in Brussels, Istanbul, Paris, and London, would simply add insult to injury.

Many ACTCers are planning their cycling vacation around the world and hope that you stay strong with your conviction. Of course be mindful, we all have to be today, even just going to Caltrain or the theatre, but please go on your vacation and have a great time.

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness” — Mark Twain

Tony Le, ACTC President

Call Me an Optimist

| March 1, 2016 7:18 am

“Pessimists see difficulty in every opportunity, and optimists see opportunity in every difficulty”  — Winston Churchill

Yes, difficulties abound in the next few years. In this increasingly tumultuous time, from terrorist attacks and threats of more, partisan bickering, economic uncertainty, permits and fee escalation, and competition from many old and new fund-raiser rides, nearly every bicycle club is reporting lower registration for their century ride. For ACTC, both Tierra Bella and Sierra to the Sea are tracking below average.

To ensure that ACTC will continue to thrive, the Board is recommending a conservative budget. For example, we will continue to ask members to pay a portion of event fee such as the Award Dinner to assure that those who sign up will indeed show up — no waste allowed. Another example is Membership Chair Dan Swanson is working closely with Publisher Lienne Christensen to provide the exact number of printed copies Black and Blue Bottom — no wasted BBB. Mailing pizza parties are now replaced with mailing afternoon-coffee, thanks to Communication Coordinator Molly Mazzella.

The second part is for us all to publicize Tierra Bella and Sierra to the Sea to friends and colleagues. Note that both Tierra Bella and Sierra to the Sea are opened to ACTC members! So if you are not a helper, please consider joining as paid rider.

Tierra Bella (April 30), the best supported century ride, bar-none, takes cyclists to the beautiful Canada loop and Henry Coe State Park.

Sierra to the Sea (June 18–25), the best and most-affordable Cross-State ride in California, goes from Bear Valley to the Golden Gate Park, covering a wide variety of scenery.

Not every competing organization will survive and many fund-raising events will be chasing the next hot trend in a few years. With the enduring dedication of ACTC volunteers and a strong reserve, we can overcome these difficulties of potential lean years and will come out as an even stronger bicycle club — an opportunity in a difficult time.

Tony Le, ACTC President

ACTC, an Antidote to Alzheimer Disease

| 7:08 am

At a recent talk “Forgetting Names, Should I be Worried?” Stanford Professor Sharon Sha presented data showing that today’s medicine has no cure for Alzheimer disease (we know that). Patients’ mental capacity merely decreases at a slower rate with these medicines. The only two antidotes where patients retained or actually regained some capacity are aerobic exercising and socializing — two of the three qualities of ACTC. The third quality of ACTC? Eating — not mentioned in the study.

Two out of three is not bad. Join ACTC! Fight Alzheimer!

Tony Le, ACTC President